Our Philosophy

When you lookup the word "Philosophy" in a dictionary, it talks about a system of principles in guidance, knowledge and conduct.

Western MA Volleyball Club is seeking players and coaches who love volleyball and want to pursue the skills to constantly improve their volleyball and life skills.  As coaches we are devoted to the game, team, and individuals that seek our guidance.  We are always growing and adapting to the needs of our organization and discovering new ways to teach/coach the skills necessary to play the game at a competitive level.

All programs work better with a strong foundation of principles and rules.  Western MA Volleyball Club strives to be a leader in developing an affordable, successful and effective feeder program for our local schools and colleges by giving a strong and steady foundation.  We utilize adults with solid ethical backgrounds.  As coaches we are willing to be mentors as well as coaches to our players.  This way the players can have the tools necessary to meet the real challenges of their greatest level of competence.  Whether a player is with us for 6 months or years, they will leave knowing the skills needed to develop and maintain a successful life, whether it be in sports or life in general.


Our Mission is to teach area boys and girls to become competitive volleyball players.   Led by founder Roxann Link, the Western MA Volleyball Club is an incredible opportunity for area athletes to improve their mental and physical fitness as well as develop communication and leadership skills.


We have been running a junior volleyball program in Western MA since 1991.

Our players have gone on to play in college at D1, D2 and D3.  They have also gone on to become high school and college coaches.  

We also have a number of current coaches that played for our club when they were in High School.  Our doors are always open to our alumni there are welcome to stop in when home from college.