16 Wolves


The schedule is at this link https://events.sportwrench.com/#/events/e1f9ff56b

Team is listed as 16 Vipers

YOU WILL HAVE THE MORNING WAVE ON SATURDAY - First match is on Court 6 at 9:30am.  Meet in lobby at 8:30am I will have your uniforms. 


Tickets are now AVAILABLE online at www.SportWrench.com! You can receive significant discounts off of your tickets when you purchase online.

Online Tickets:

$18 for All Tournament passes | $12 for daily passes

On-Site Tickets:

$25 for All Tournament passes | $15 for daily passes

Note: Online tickets will still be available ALL WEEKEND. Children 10 & under are FREE!

After purchasing ONLINE or ONSITE tickets, you will receive a QR Code ticket:

  1. You must present your INDIVIDUAL QR Code ticket with a corresponding PHOTO ID!
  2. The QR Code and photo ID must be presented EACH TIME you wish to enter the facility.
  3. You CANNOT share PASSES.

Entry and Re-entry Policy:

  1. QR Codes and photo IDs will be scanned and checked for entry and re-entry.
  2. Players gain entrance in their JERSEY or with ATHLETE BAG TAGS!
    Coaches may pick up the bag tags for their team(s) from the NERVA Tent near Champ Desk beginning at 7A.M. on Saturday!
  3. Minors who DO NOT have an ID must be accompanied by a TICKETED ADULT.
  4. Children 10 & under must be accompanied by a TICKETED ADULT AT ALL TIMES.

Note: This policy ensures you and your players' safety at our tournament! Please make sure to bring your photo ID with your ticket.