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About our Programs

We put the FUN back into youth sports.

We never Lose - We either Win or Learn

Qualifier Information

Boston Festival

Hotel Information

Practice Schedule for Feb. 18th

@ Holyoke Community College

 8am - 10am - Boys, 18 Gold and Silver, 16's GOLD

10am - 12pm: Girls 18's, 17's and 15's 

12pm - 2pm:  Training Academy and Girls 16's teams

Girl's Club Team LIst

15's - Coach Kyle                                 18's - Coach Don                    
Olivia Hart                                               Karoline Klaus
Kerrah McClusky                                Brianna Monsalave
Skylar Chapdelaine                            Danielle Goncalves
Allision Kudrya                                     Samantha Goncalves
Morgan Flynn                                        Sophia Giza
Ksenia Zinchenko                               Nicole Klaus
Lindsey Laughlan                              Senkinah Delvale
Raquel Terrazas                                   Angela Tobiasz
Sadie Martin                                          Alaina Nadeau
Mina Vickers                                          Joereily Matias
Taryn Crowley                                      Samantha Merced
 Kate Kertchmar                                  Ambar Durain

 Sophia Pinardi                                      Senkinah Delvale
Alison Wegrzyn

17's - Coach  Steve                             16's - Coach Christina

Natalie Sullivan                                     Alyssa Moore
Jacqui Paige                                             Karoline Robak
Madison Roman                                    Juliann Szemela
Anyya Torres                                          Sarah Clapp
Haley Cichy                                             Aaliyah David
Elizabeth DiPiero                                Madison Peacy
Adriana Brathwaite                           Sidney Kurnacki
Alyssa Briones                                       Elizabeth Lewis
Lexxie Rowell                                         Grace Kane
                                                                         Elizabeth Sprague
16's - Coach Todd
Olivia Durand
Natalie Rathbun
Brianna Martinez
Hannah Yilmaz
Kiarah Jones
Morgan Trombley
Elma Kolenovic
Madi Cramer
Tatyana Aleneyda
Jaysha Robles 

NERVA series of tournaments
Dates: March 11, 25, April 8, 22, and May 6

Age Level Definition

18's - everyone is eligible
17's - Players who were born on or after Sept 1, 2000
16's - Players who were born on or after Sept 1, 2001
15's - Players who were born on or after Sept 1, 2002


Email sent on Sept 9th 2017

"I wanted to thank you and all of your coaches from this summer's beginner program. It was my daughter's first experience with any organized coaching and it was amazing. It was first class coaching. My daughter tried out for, and make her schools JV team. I really appreciated how the coaches gave each person individual attention and encouraged everyone regardless of their physical ability. We are looking forward to next summer!"


Roxann Link

Club Director

Phone: 508-868-5316

Registration for all Programs

ALL PROGRAMS: All players must register on line. 

You will be able to pay with a credit card. 
If you would like to pay on site (cash or check) choose the discount button in shopping cart. The code you need to enter is "Paylater". 

Renew youir USAV/NERVA membership

All players must register for USAV/NERVA membership before coming to first practice. Forgot your login or password email Roxann @

FIrst time signing up for USAV/NERVA membership

This is the link for all new members. Players must sign up for USAV/NERVA membership before coming to first practice.